How Your Doctor Can Help You Lose Weight

25 October 2022
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If you're looking to lose weight and slim down, a doctor can help. Here are some of the ways your doctor can help you lose weight.


Before starting any kind of weight loss journey, fully understanding your current health status is important. This way, your doctor can work with you to develop a treatment plan that is best for you and will not put your health at risk. To do this, your doctor will likely order some tests, including bloodwork, a urine analysis and potentially even imaging tests such as x-rays or MRIs. These tests will give your doctor a better understanding of what is going on inside your body and how best to help you healthily lose weight.

General Assessment

During your visit, your doctor will take a detailed medical history, family history, diet and exercise habits. This information will give them an understanding of the factors that may be contributing to your weight gain and how best to address them.

BMI Measurement

Your doctor will likely measure your Body Mass Index (BMI) during your visit as well. BMI is a calculation based on height and weight that provides an indication of body fatness. It's not a perfect measure, but it's a helpful tool for determining if someone is at a healthy weight, overweight or obese.

Plan Creation

Once your GP has the information they need, they can help you create a personalised plan to lose weight. This plan may include recommendations for diet, exercise and behaviour changes, as well as medication or surgery if necessary.


Your doctor likely has access to resources that you don't, such as educational materials, referral services and support groups. They can provide you with these resources so that you have the information and support you need to succeed.

Realistic Goals

Last but not least, setting realistic goals is essential for success. Your doctor can help you set achievable and maintainable goals so you can reach your desired outcome without putting unrealistic pressure on yourself.


If you're looking to lose weight, talk to your doctor! They can provide valuable information, resources, support and motivation that can help you along the way. They can also perform important tests and screenings, as well as develop a personalised plan based on your unique needs. All of which increase the chances of success! So what are you waiting for? Schedule an appointment with your doctor today.