Surgery: An Accelerated System of Getting Back on Track after Surgical Treatment Procedures

9 October 2017
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When a health condition cannot be treated with the pill or drug therapy, the surgical treatment may be recommended. Surgeries involve incisions into the body. Since it is a cut, the tissues surrounding the area tend to get wounds. For this reason, there is need to know how to speed up the healing process.   Follow Your Doctor's Instructions If your doctor advises that you should not lift bulky items after the surgery, it is crucial that you follow that to the letter. Read More 

Ways Your GP Can Improve Your Sexual Health

25 September 2017
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Did you know that you can take charge of your sexual health in a primary care setting? Through extensive training and paying attention to guidelines, a GP can improve your sexual health. In some cases, this may mean contraceptive advice. Other patients may require advice on issues that are preventing them from enjoying sex, while others may need STD tests. Understanding about what a GP can do for your sexual health will help you decide whether to turn to them for advice on your problems. Read More